"History of the Past is Now Your Fashion and Style of the Future"

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A message from the Founder and President

YNLBPC Online Shopping

YNLBPC Online Shopping




Hello, my name is Dennis L. Biddle, the founder and President of Yesterday's Negro Baseball Player Company I would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about YNLBPC. Let me take you back on a trip, a little over 24 years ago and share a part of Negro baseball league history that you may not be aware of, but it has been passed down to me and is the very reason why YNLBPC was formed. Lately, the whole world has been informed that Major League Baseball decided after over 100 years to allow the Negro League statistics to be included in the Major League statistics Although this wrong was made right, America was robbed by MLB for over 26 years, never having the opportunity to witness the best professional baseball players of the Negro League, against the best players of the major league. As I take you through this historical journey, I want to set the stage right, I want you to imagine that, as sports enthusiasts, you no longer have the opportunity to experience what millions have been allowed to experience in professional sports since the signing of Jackie Robinson 1946

36 Years Later

In 1996, the former living players of the Negro Baseball League formed the first organization to represent the living players, it was named Yesterday's Negro Baseball Players. This organization was founded by my dad, the youngest player of the Negro Leagues Chicago American Giants Dennis "Bose" Biddle, and former player of the Kansas City Monarchs Sherwood Brewer. This formalization was the first time since the end of the Negro Leagues’ Their mission was to identify and organize former living players of the Negro Leagues, to seek financial and medical benefits for at that time a little over 480 former living players that played in the Negro baseball league.

A Life Time Experience

I've had the incredible opportunity to travel across the country over the last 18 years with so many amazing individuals, many of whom have now passed on. Today, only a handful of former players are still with us. The stories and experiences they have shared have left a lasting impression on me. It brings me to this moment, where I find myself reflecting on why I am here.

YNLBPC Brand Rejected

A few years ago, during a conversation with my dad, I informed him that I would produce and introduce to the retail world, the YNLBPC brand. Our brand would be exclusive and be the sports apparel and memorabilia to represent the living players and the history of the Negro baseball league, to help raise awareness and establish capital to help support these living legions. In 2004 we launched our first promotional community event with the largest retail store chain in the world at that time, Fayetteville NC Walmart stores. This event was our coming out party, it was a huge success, with 18 former players including the only living woman Mamie “Peanut Johnson, of the Negro baseball league, participating. After submitting our vendor supplier application, for vendor approval, Walmart management rejected our vendor ship application on 3 occasions. After submitting our vendor supplier application, for vendor approval, Walmart management rejected our vendor ship application on 3 occasions. These rejections have become a norm, to this date, every national sports-related apparel retail store and chain has rejected the YNLBPC brand,

The Mission

Nevertheless, we will maintain our course with the mission through the sale of the YNLBPC brand, educating the world about one of the greatest eras in American sports history, the “Negro Baseball League”. We endeavor to ensure the world never forgets the hardship the Negro baseball players endured, and the impact they had in helping shape, "America's greatest past-time” professional baseball. We hope that you value this historical moment and join our crusade, by doing so; thereby keeping the history of the Negro baseball league alive.

Thank you,
Have a Bless day



"History of the Past is Now Your Fashion and Style of the Future"

YNLBPC Online Shopping

“On Behalf of the living players of the former Negro baseball league", we ar elated to let you know that “Yesterday's Negro League Baseball Player Company" is offering the presale of the Negro League Chicago American Giants 100 Years of Greatness baseball cap, skillfully crafted by YNLBPC. This special cap distinctively features the iconic 1920s logo of the Chicago American Giants, representing the values of knowledge, style, and heritage. YNLBPC seamlessly combines historical significance with modern appeal, beautifully blending the league's rich history with contemporary fashion. The cap is a respectful tribute to the enduring legacy of founder Andrew Rube Foster while also making a powerful statement in the world of fashion.

Thank You,
Dennis “Bose” Biddle,
Chicago American Giants.



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